What Can I Do with an Associate’s in Web Development?

associate in web development

An associate’s degree in web development is an excellent way to get into many, important types of tech industry work today. Graduates of this degree program are well learned in the basics of computer language, the use of development tools and methods, and plenty more. So, what kinds of actual jobs become available with the completion of this degree? Here is just a small sampling of the many possibilities one might look forward to.

Digital Media Associate Developer

As this job title suggests, a digital media associate developer, or DMAD for short, is a professional who creates and updates various forms of digital media. An example of this position can be found in many online schools where this professional uses different authoring applications and templates to create and manage digital, educational platforms. When not authoring or updating, the DMAD may be found hard at work collaborating with a project team, catching up on web accessibility standards, or even assisting with quality control testing processes.

Associate Applications Developer

Associate applications developers work with other, similarly skilled professionals in order to design and implement functional applications for use on various, computerized devices and electronics. Common duties here may include software debugging and testing, long-term project planning tasks, the configuration of roles and access points, and OIM migration work. Workers in this role can also expect to work regularly with IAM products, various types of databases, Java, and APIs.

Email and Web Developer

The job title of email and web developer is an important one, as those in this role typically head a development process with others or even manage one alone. The ability to handle multiple projects and deadlines is also critical here, because many in this role do not only work on just one project at a time. While designing and implementing web and email elements, the email and web developer will often utilize HTML 4 and 5, semantic CSS 2 and 3, 906-grid systems, and wireframe prototyping among other tools.

Web Tech Support Specialist

Those who work as web tech support specialists offer a world of much needed assistance to a whole host of different people. While these workers can spend some time in actual development activities, much of their time is typically allotted to helping others with issues encountered in their web sites, applications, and more. This professional may work for themselves for a pool of paying clientele, or they may work for a central employer, helping them with these types of tasks as needed. In addition to utilizing many of the skill-sets mentioned in the above job roles, web tech support specialists often become even more valuable when they are also proficient in Laravel, Magento, and E-Commerce.

An associate’s in web development can potentially lead to all kinds of open doors in the tech world. This is especially true when extra studies or experience also present with this kind of degree-holding job candidate. The above-mentioned jobs represent just some of the possibilities that open up with the associate’s degree in web development today. In conclusion, for those interested in seeking additional information on web development work or the industry as a whole, the International Web Association is a leading authority in the field with which further inquiry can be done.

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