What Jobs are in Information Technology?

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There are a wide variety of jobs in information technology. Often referred to only as IT, this field covers a number of areas. These professionals are responsible for keeping business that rely on technology running smoothly; therefore, these positions generally come with a great deal of responsibility and respect, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. If you have any interest techie kinds of pursuits, a career in IT might just be for you. Read on to learn about some of the most popular jobs in the industry.

Computer Support Specialist

These IT pros assist in a broad spectrum of duties and are essential to numerous departments within organizations. They may hold various titles, including help desk technician, technical support specialist or computer network support specialist. Their title depends upon their area of expertise and duties can vary greatly. Support specialists generally oversee network systems. They troubleshoot problems, maintain the networks, and help technicians work to solve user issues. They also listen to problems, then offer easy-to-follow, step-by-step solutions. Computer support specialists may even install or maintain software and hardware for users.

Database Administrator

Database administrators specialize in software. They are responsible for the applications and services that store data. Organizations of different types have the need to store all kinds of information, everything from customer contact information to precise inventory records. Another responsibility database administrators have is to secure data and to make sure it’s available only to intended users.

Computer Programmer

Programmers are essential to the workings of the computer systems within businesses. They write the code that brings software to life and must understand various computer languages. Programming is ever-evolving, so you must be willing to upgrade your skills regularly if you hope to enter this field.

IT Manager

Technology projects require competent individuals to lead the teams that implement them. That’s what IT managers do and why they are one of the most important jobs in information technology. They create project goals, assign duties to team members, ensure progress is being met and make adjustments to workflow as needed. IT managers also play a role in helping to identify organizational IT goals, then make sure technological requirements are put in place to meet them.

Web Developer

Web developers are all-around pros who know the ins-and-outs of various aspects of websites and user experiences. They create web pages and applications, and often contribute to the site’s content. In addition, they ensure a friendly user-experience with regard to website design. Web language proficiency is necessary for this position.

Software Engineer

Chances are, you use a lot of web programs throughout your everyday life, as do businesses and organizations. Software engineers are the IT professionals that work behind the scenes to ensure all of these programs can run smoothly. There are several specializations or niches within the field.

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So do you think you have what it takes to work in IT? Jobs in information technology are plentiful and offer a good living, with the chance to help organizations and to always have stimulating work.

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