How Do You Get a Job in Homeland Security?

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People of various backgrounds and vocations can qualify for a job in homeland security provided they follow the application process and meet listed criteria for the specific position. The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is a large federal agency that oversees numerous programs and personnel across the nation. The sheer scope and occupational variety within the department creates opportunities for all kinds of professionals. Job applicants who want to develop a career in the department should carefully consider the specific requirements for their desired position.

About the DHS

The DHS has a relatively simple mission: to enhance the country’s security and protect the safety of its citizens from attack or disaster. Some of the primary goals of the department include terrorism prevention, cybercrime management, disaster planning and immigration enforcement. The department was founded in the weeks following the terrorist attacks in New York on September 11, 2001. In 2002, the DHS was officially established as an independent department that integrated over 20 other government entities into a single organization.

Types of Jobs in Homeland Security

The DHS employs a wide range of professionals in field and office settings to administer and execute its objectives. Individuals interested in law enforcement or personal security can find numerous opportunities related to travel security, legal enforcement and personal protection for high-profile political figures. Some homeland security personnel are tasked with preparing the nation for potential disasters to reduce the risk to life and property. The DHS also employs administrators and human resource officers to manage internal affairs and protect the rights of thousands of employees.

Finding Available Opportunities

Prospective applicants to the DHS should start their search by reading up on the federal hiring process and browsing open positions, according to the Department of Homeland Security website. The department posts available positions on the official USAJOBS website regularly, so those interested should monitor it for new opportunities. These job opportunity announcements (JOAs) typically include detailed descriptions that describe the requirements for consideration, including prior work experience, academic certification or specific skills.

Application Process

The Department of Homeland Security offers plenty of advice for job applicants, including the creation of a chronological resume that matches the listed requirements for the desired job. They also encourage prospective employees to study the JOA in detail to determine the final date for application and other essential information. After review of initial applications, the department schedules interviews with selected candidates to find the best-qualified individual. Applicants should be prepared to submit samples for drug screenings as well as pass a rigorous review process following a successful interview.

For many people, the DHS is a source of professional growth and stable employment in their desired career field. The department offers employment opportunities to applicants of all education and experience levels, ranging from entry-level positions to senior administrative roles. Individuals who want to get a job in homeland security should stay informed about current requirements for employment and monitor official job boards at least once a week to find a suitable position that matches their career objectives.

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