How Can You Specialize an Associate’s Degree in Education?

specialize an associate in education

When you are working towards your associate’s degree in education you are starting the first step into the ever-growing world of education. While many jobs in education require a bachelor’s or master’s degree in order to hold jobs as educators, there are many that simply require an associate’s degree. Below are a few ways in which you can specialize an associate’s degree in education.

Early Development

When you complete your education and you start looking for a job, you may find you are most interested in working with younger children. Early development involves the years from preschool to Kindergarten. By focusing your education in early development, one can start out teaching preschool or working in a daycare.

Upper Grades

If you want to focus more on older children in the in elementary and middle school, one can look at becoming a classroom aide. These jobs require an associate’s degree and do not require lessons planning. It is important for classroom aides to learn how to build relationships with students, as they often will be employed to help in classrooms as a type of secondary teacher.

Special Education

Special education is a very rewarding field in education and is growing fast. Many students who fall into a special education category need one on one aides throughout their school day to help them with tasks they are unable to complete on their own. These students might have disabilities, physical attributes that impede their ability to function,  or even Autism. These aides act as guides throughout their school day. There are classes that are available in the associate degree catalog that help students understand the needs that come with being a special education aide.

If you are starting out in your first few years of an education degree, take some time to think about what direction you want to take as you learn. There are many different opportunities that you can consider taking on, and concentrations that help you specialize your degree. Education careers are a very rewarding experience and it is a career that you will love once you complete your associate’s degree in education.

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