What Careers are in Homeland Security?

homeland security jobs

When many people think of Homeland Security careers, they think of the agents who work in the field every day. While the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) does hire a number of new agents every year, it also has a high need for people willing to work in other positions. These positions include administrative workers who answer phones and file paperwork and IT professionals who can provide support for the computers and other forms of technology that the department uses. Some of the available positions require a college degree, but other jobs are open to those with a high school diploma.

Emergency Management Positions

The Department of Homeland Security oversees the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which is the organization that steps up during a natural disaster or an emergency to help those in need. FEMA needs a wide range of people to help with daily operations. Those with an emergency management degree might work in disaster planning and preparedness to help FEMA keep an eye out for potential disaster situations and decide what to do when one of those emergencies occurs. FEMA needs people who can go out and into the field to help with relief efforts too.

Administrative Workers

Some of the open DHS jobs that do not require a college degree include some of the administrative positions. These are the men and women who work in offices across the country and assist with the daily operations of those offices. They might respond to questions from the public, help file paperwork, answer any emails or phone calls to the office and make copies of important documents. Administrative workers can include the office managers and human resource managers who create the benefits packages for new employees and both interview and hire new workers too.

IT Support

Homeland security careers include positions for information technology specialists too. An IT specialist is someone who has a deep understanding of computers. These workers can help set up new computers and other devices used in an office and those who offer assistance when the network goes down or other problems happen. Those who demonstrate strong skills on the job may have the chance to work their way up and find positions in the cybersecurity industry. DHS uses cybersecurity professionals to track the movements of illegal products online, to find virtual evidence of crimes and to track criminals who might use the internet to stay in touch with friends and family.

Field Agents

The Department of Homeland Security hires hundreds of field agents every year to work in the departments that it oversees. Applicants must use the USA Jobs website to find open positions and apply for those positions online. They will then need to go through a series of interviews before receiving a job offer. Those who want to work as field agents must also go through mental exams and a physical exam. The physical exam ensures that they can handle the physical demands of the job, while the mental exams help weed out candidates with emotional disorders and issues that can interfere with their work.

Not everyone who works for the DHS works as a field agent. This department has a high need for qualified professionals, including lawyers and doctors. Some of the top homeland security careers include jobs with FEMA and other departments that allow workers to climb up the job ladder.

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